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The Archbishops and Bishops of Dayspring are encouraged to have a Coat of Arms. Click here to read more about the Dayspring Coat of Arms

Archbishop Barkman has a special Coat of Arms that tells a story. Click here for more information.

If you are an Archbishop, Bishop, General
Superintendent, General Overseer, Prelate, or other founder or head of a minister, click here



While these are the official positions of the church, liberty of conscience is allowed on some issues:

Abortion on demand is morally wrong and inconsistent with the Theology of Creation and Existence. However, we are encouraged to be non-judgmental and compassionate towards those who choose abortion in difficult circumstances. Liberty of conscience disallowed.

Capital Punishment is inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus and the Theology of Divine Retribution. Liberty of conscience allowed.

Cloning is dangerously morally and ethically wrong and inconsistent with the Theology of Divine Creation. Liberty of conscience disallowed.

Divorce is a very painful and difficult decision we support when the health, safety and welfare of all involved are compromised. The right to remarry is affirmed. This is consistent with the Theology of Peace and the Divine Plan of Marriage and Family. Liberty of conscience allowed.

Homosexuality is outside the Divine Plan of Creation and Reproduction as well as the Theology of Morality. However, we endorse a compassionate and redemptive ministry towards those who struggle with their sexuality. We repudiate all hatred, violence and discrimination. Liberty of conscience disallowed.

Military Intervention into foreign disputes is inconsistent with the Theology of Peace except, we believe, in cases of humanitarian assistance. Liberty of conscience allowed. (This is not meant to infer that we do not support our government and leaders.  The ECC and Dayspring support fully the government of the United States of America and the current administration.).

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